Check-in and Check-out

Check-in Guideline:

Few days before the move in our Inventory Clerk will contact you to confirm an appointment time.
During the check-in process,  meter readings (Electric and Gas) will be taken and you will receive set(s) of keys.
Go Through Move-In Checklist

On the Tenant’s actual move-in day, you should go over the move-in checklist with the Tenant. The checklist describes the condition of the property as a whole and of each room in detail. You should have the Tenant sign and date this checklist. The move-in checklist is important as it allows you to compare the condition of the property when the tenant moves in, to the condition of the property when the tenant moves out.

Check-out Guideline:

On the day, a full inventory check will be carried out, which is estimated to take [hours] and vacant possession will be taken.  Please, ensure that all your personal effects have been removed from the property, so not to confuse your items with those of your landlord.

When performing the checkout, we will check the Inventory, and confirm that you have left the property in a good, clean and tidy condition in accordance with your tenancy requirements.

We would like to briefly remind you of some of your tenancy obligations:

  1. All soft furnishings, especially carpets, curtains, and mattresses should be left clean, paying special attention to heavy stains and marks if applicable.
  2. All kitchen utensils, equipment, and appliances should be cleaned, and freezers de-frosted.  Food should be removed from all cupboards and all hard surfaces should be washed down and cleaned.
  3. All bathroom/WC, furniture should be cleaned paying particular attention to any stains or marks.
  4. All woodwork (Example: skirting boards, etc.) should be washed down.
  5. Any linen, or towels, should be laundered and pressed and then left in the appropriate place as specified on the inventory.
  6. All items of furniture should be dusted, cleaned and left in the appropriate rooms.
  7. All electrical goods and appliances, including light bulbs and any garden equipment (If applicable), should be in good working order.
  8. Gardens and patios should be free from weeds, lawns and flower beds should be neat and well maintained.
  9. You are reminded to cancel your standing order for rent, subject to having made the final month’s payment.

It is a good idea to check through your inventory prior to the final inspection date to ensure that no items need replacing and that nothing is missing, damaged or requiring cleaning, to avoid any claim from your security deposit.  Please note that you will be required to hand back all sets of keys at the check-out.  In the event that all keys are not returned, you may be charged rent on a daily basis until such time as they are received by the Agent/Landlord.

As you are aware, the security deposit is retained for the performance of your obligations under the terms of the tenancy agreement.  The deposit will be dealt with in accordance with Tenancy Deposit Protection legislation.  The details of the Scheme Administrator are set out in the Prescribed Information attached to the front of your Tenancy Agreement.

It is important that you contact the various utilities, (gas, electricity, telephone, community charges), to advise them of your departure and make arrangements for final payment.  Please do not have any of the services disconnected.  In addition, please arrange for the re-direction of any incoming mail as we cannot assure you that mail will be forwarded to you after your departure.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

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